Clash of Cults - Dead Chat

There is dead interaction, so watch what you say.

Hello there people! How are we doing?

Derp is definitely a cultist. Oh my god. He needs to be hung right away.

Vulgard might be cultist v cultisting Tele here.

my plan

What was your plan Sulit?

I wanted to go unnoticed and try to lurk/meme more D1 so I could last longer.

It didn’t work

because my last like

idk 5 games

ive died N1 D2

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Ah well, that’s unfortunate. Who’d you visit?

Solic, what is the feedback when you get executed by the Prince?

so I was hoping this game I could actually play

im contemplating just not posting at all next game and seeing if that works

Ask mechanical questions in classcards please.

I tried to heal Alice

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haha should have healed myself instead

I wanted to try and get logs last night but
a) I didn’t have time to type them
b) I wasn’t expecting to die I thought my plan would be successful

Yeah, I’m on the same boat. I thought claiming Prince as Knight would be a good idea. Didn’t expect to die in jail either.

im going to feel terrible if people start doubting my flip because I wasn’t able to type up logs