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Church Vs. Coven 2, game over! Clergy wins!


@Firekitten So who’d you turn into a vampire?


Only 7 Mana generated yesterday :thinking: I think we have more witches than we thought (and less clergy probably)

Also Eevee is a vamp I’m pretty sure, he thought I was a witch after the “someone attempted to vamp me” statement


You should probably axe FK today
he’s probably a witch or got anointed by the clergy


@MaximusPrime wrong reasoning.

If I was vamp wich attempted to siphon you, I would be already dead, since I got garlic last night, ergo I would die from lack of mana due double failed siphon.

Also, didn’t you tell witch tried to throw curse on you before, not that it was siphon?


But yeah, being elected confirms you as townie anyway.

I was more suspicous of you since you said there is “ANOTHER” witch beside Hippo, and I was sus of how you came to that conclusion.


I won’t get exed


I don’t accept offers from clergy etheir.

I’m not a witch :wink:


Ew, you’re a common. Sold to a vendor!


@Marluxion remember marl?

Why is he here again?


Oh wrong ping lol


Hi @MaximusPrime why is marl still here?


I told you yesterday I was lying about being a vampire.


Still marl



You are right

Pkr is a member of the clergy!



I got this info from a anymous person that I shall not name.


@PokemonKidRyan is a traitor!


Sadly, you don’t control the axe anymore, kitten.


Actually I kinda do

Thanks for trying to make a
Deal with max


We control the court room!

@MaximusPrime cut of the clergys head’


Max, behead the witch. This game won’t end if there are multiple.

Kitten, why side with the witches still? Someone vamp cursed you. That’s why you are no longer chief