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Chronomancers and temporary death immune abilities


Have you even seen what I’ve been suggesting? No shit guards are great!


King guards are great, they’re just unfun.

I’m by no means supporting Allies, but King’s gotta have something to do other than defend people all the time.


Hence giving him detailed feedback from each guard


Usually that’s a bad idea

However I love king guards


I agree, but they could’ve used OE instead. Safeguard and OE are much better than allies and SF. They also could’ve made guards give feedback


I agree, and the reason this occurs is because Chrono’s don’t technically “delay” deaths, they “replace” the current attack with a regular attack in 2 nights, even if the attack was one that bypasses immunity. I was also very annoyed to find that I delayed the Mastermind’s death from being thrown by possessor into hunter’s bear … When the death caught up to him, he survived. Which doesn’t make sense for a “delayed” death.


Wait but the interactions makes sense when the attack doesn’t initially pierce immunity (the situation above is with assassinate which doesn’t pierce immunity). Or are you suggesting the same thing I am?