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Chronomancers and temporary death immune abilities


So I finished playing a game in which I was assassin and attacked a hunter who was time warped by chrono. I killed the chrono that same night, and there were no more healers in the game.

Unfortunately, the hunter used a bear on the night he was supposed to die, which delayed (or eliminated) his death, giving BD the win. I’m not sure if this is a bug or a feature, but I wasn’t aware of the possibility that a bear could stop a death that had already happened. I was told that any ability that makes someone death immune (stoneskin, guards, etc.) stops the delayed death.

In my opinion, this is a poorly balanced side effect that allows characters like hunters or kings to stay alive for several nights after their deaths were supposed to happen, without healers in sight. My two cents on it, but this could be because I was on the losing end of this trick. Perhaps others could chip in with their thoughts as well, for or against this wrinkle.


Honestly never actually thought of this I have no clue how I feel about this


Feature. It’s in the patch notes and everything


$0.02 time

Heals should stop it
Passive immunity should stop it
Immunity-granting abilities should not

I don’t think it’s a particularly large problem but I agree that having a bear or whatnot stopping a delayed death feels wrong


Like from a non-balance perspective that feels kinda gross lol


ehhhhh. Having the same mechanic produce different interactions depending on source is just the most confusing thing you can have (and really cut’s down on the possibility for emergent play).

Personally I’d want chronomancer to just maintain all of the initial attack’s properties. (Delayed poison still bypasses but Delayed stabs won’t suddenly be stronger)


New 100% fool proof way to test king alignment

Warp the prince and if he’s attacked tell king to guard him in two nights :smirk:


Yeah but you can just ask for a king guard which isn’t actually a good thing imo it defeats the purpose of it


and then kill the King when he dies 100% of the time because of the King not having guards right now




so uh. You can ask all you want but he can’t give it to you



He must be evil then


conclusion: 100% EK!


honestly tho haven’t played in a while

Why the heck did they remove king guard for allies



Chronomancer can delay unhealable deaths. Chronomancer can’t delay, delayed deaths. Other than that delayed deaths maintain properties (DR still stops the death entirely)


to make the King more fun to play as without WKM





I mean it worked I guess


King guards were great


Still king guards are great