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Chronomancer Delay Death


I can think of a few options:

A: Poss ignores Delay anyway

B: No one dies and chronomancer isn’t told of an attack.

(Your options reworded for clarity)

C: The target is attacked with an unhealable attack which get’s delayed. The possession aspect is removed but the target still dies (eventually)

D: The possessor swaps bodies once the delay timer runs out so long as they are still alive.


Ugh. Lol, you know much more of the mechanics than I do lol. Ok I see your point. I’ll rethink this idea, seems like just for the possessor it adds needless complexity, Let alone all the other interactions i haven’t thought of.


Honestly if you can work out Possession then you should be fine. Everything else is less complicated than that.


Not SIMPLE per say. But relatively easy to work out.


Thx again mate. Really am sorry about the troll thing. You were also pretty nice about it.