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Chronomancer Delay Death


Problem being, almost all nks are immune to his hit. Reaper uses a soul, sorcerer doesn’t visit, possessor gets BD killed instead. Only assassin\cl really get hit by this


I agree. Unfortunately I don’t know a better idea to add some uniqueness (not sure.that’s a.word) to the class.


So. What percentage of kills are from Assassin/CL hmmm??? (also Inquis/pretender/alchemist but whatever). Also note that in none of those situations does your target die (which is the objective of defending them)


I put an Idea in the post you just replied to


But the knight does. (Even if not the first time). I’m trying to work out a New ability that I haven’t seen yet. Blocking empowered death vs delaying it seems (to me) to add some depth.


Did I mistakenly post in a different topic?? Lol… I hate tablet typing.


2 for 1 trades are massively BD sided.


Probably not idk


Ah i see your idea. Not sure how it would work. I’m not up to date on mechanics lok.


So you know how an attack works. It’s like that but later.


Ah . Let me think on it. Ty for the input :slight_smile:


Also if you are allowing Chrono to delay empowered deaths then how would that interact with Possessor?


Possess in particular. Puppet strings needs no explanation


Afaik possess isn’t an empowered attack? I may be wrong… How does it work right now? Good question. If say the possess works like intended as you are swapping souls, but that’s more of a life answer. Not sure on a mechanics based one.


Possess bypasses healing. And I do need a mechanics based one.


As for normal poss attacks, they just delay death as normal. It’s only possession that might be questionable?


Yeah no idea on one, I honestly can’t answer that. I’ll think on it


(while we are at it can you apologize for erroneously calling me a troll?)


There’s really only 2 options that would make sense.

A. The possess Go’s through.

B. It fails.

Id say if it’s considered an empowered attack then it fails (mechanics based)


Lol sorry.