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Chronomancer Delay Death


^ knight defends. He can’t stop an empowered strike. I’m assuming you are trolling so won’t bother responding unless you have a point from now on. (Nuclearburrito, not the other guy)


He absolutely can. Defend stops empowered attacks


what? it does stop it


This is what happens

Defend stops it
Empowered reap bypasses the knight armor for some reason
Knight dies


Yeah. Empowered attacks bypass healing. But Knight’s defend is not a heal so it isn’t bypassed


What if we had an ability that empowered the chronomancer tho


Empowered refers to CW officially btw. Reaper already bypasses heal without empower


I mean like upgrade it
wait nvm I misread


No… It kills the knight instead same as if a call swapped it to the knight. My idea would delay it 2 days allowing prince/etc time to make decisive exes. Also, if the ability was used again, that gives you further delay. If I was to give you your pointv(i still don’t agree they’re similar, but in the interest of discussion) at most, knight could save an empowered strike once.I


Knight has the armor passive so he survives


Exactly. Hence a unique ability to delay an empowered strike.




Actually, what if his day survival Ability also upgraded his abiility so it stops things that bypass heals for that night


However it doesn’t protect against himself
(I mean protects attacks, not empowered attacks against himself)


Cw… Not call. Typing on a tablet lol


Probably a small but nice buff tbh


Also remember that Knight doesn’t JUST stop the attack. He also counter attacks


I wouldn’t mind that firekitten. In fact it would work better with that idea.


Editing that into original post. I love that add


Point is. While these are certainly buffs, they are hardly unique. It would be better to instead (or in addition. Nothing wrong with buffs) take a look at the delay mechanic itself and have it mean more than just a worse heal. For example making it maintain attack properties (particularly the attacker. Work with a Knight and you can get scum kills) meaning poison still bypasses death immunity and stabs won’t become stronger for no reason.