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Chronomancer Delay Death


Just had a game where

Prince died n1 to an empowered attack when I was TWing him. The next night, I died to an empowered attack even though I used my own delay death on myself.

Im suggesting Chrono TW and self death prevention still works to prevent death against Empowered deaths, you just cant swap a death that is empowered to someone else. So you would die in 2 days (unless you delay it again), but cannot prevent the death totally by swapping it to someone else.

Firekitten suggested that a day ability gets added to allow his night tw to work on empowered.reaps.and strikes.


I’m fine with empowered attacks bypassing this, but I think it should spelt out to the Chrono in the card


Delay explicitly does not stop anything that heal doesn’t. There is no particular reason to make an exception here.


Except that heal is a permanent effect which is far more powerful than merely delaying. Whats the point of a chronomancer that a healer cannot do? Thats why I think it should allow for the extra effect. Otherwise hes just a less powerful priest.


Chrono can redirect attacks back at scum and self heal and protect someone in the same night


I’ve had at least two games where others have said that they had deaths delayed where they would have died to Sorcerer bombs, but I haven’t had it happen to myself so I can’t verify. Possible bug.

Edit: I could’ve sworn it bypassed healing… forget I said anything. I was never here.


Sorcerer bomb is healable


Sorry was working alot, couldnt respond soon enough lol.

He can redirect attacks to scum only if he knows WHO scum is. And usually if you find scum theyre killed by Prince or Hanging. Being able to do both in a round is good, but not enough to make it a unique and worthwhile class.

Why not allow it to prevent empowered deaths - just be unable to redirect them after? It gives you a chance to give (prince for example) someone a few extra nights after a reaper screws with you :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Welcome to mafia my friend, you throw them on your scumread

He’s a guiltless vigilante sometimes and a delayed doctor. He’s a good class if used correctly


Im not saying that throwing a the death to scum isnt a great ability. Im saying its not enough to justify a unique and brand new character. As it is, chronomancer is an underpowered healer with an ability to possibly kill scum, possibly kill your own team. Yay?


If you kill your own team that’s 100% your fault tbh


To be fair your team was dying anyways. You just changed which one


Possibility to kill your own team and yourself - Or scum? Yay.

Let’s get rid of this bland class called knight then


Ahem. Knight is an OVERPOWERED physician who is GUARANTEED to kill scum or an ally


Kinda made my poiint. Now there’s 2 classes doing what chrono does… I’m just pointing out there’s nothing unique abt the class. It’s underpowered and the only benefits it has can be taken up by 2 other classes. 3 if you consider that cw can “swap deaths”… Is adding a bit more to the class that bad? If you don’t like my suggestion, make one that you think adds enough to the class to make it unique…


That’s not unique


I think the point of chronomancer is suppose to be a weaker physican and a weaker knight

like a JOAT


but a physician already is a weaker Knight to begin with


Delaying empowered deaths isn’t unique? Who else does that?


Knight. And he does it forever