Chaos Town FM Town wins!

Welcome to Chaos Town!

Host: NuclearBurrito
Co-Host: Firekitten


Days are 48 hours long
Nights are 24 hours long
Actions are done by messaging me
The mafia have a day chat
When you receive a card you will have 24 hours to reply, confirming you have received it
The game will start with Day 1


To accuse someone say “/accuse [player]” or “/vote [player]
The majority of players are accusing the same person then they will be Imprisoned ending the day
While imprisoned you are NOT eliminated. You may still speak during the day
Imprisoned player have their role revealed. A players faction is never revealed
Imprisoned players may be freed via some role ability’s
Imprisoned players may not use their ability unless specified otherwise
Imprisoned players may not vote
Players may not target imprisoned players unless specified otherwise
Imprisoning someone each day is mandatory. If you do not chose someone then the player with the most votes will be imprisoned instead. RNG will break a tie if necessary


The roles are completely separate from the factions and any player can be any role regardless of alignment
Your role will likely change throughout the game. At the start of every night you will be informed if your role has changed. You will not find out before hand unless specified otherwise. If an imprisoned players role is changed it will be publicly revealed at the start of the day.

The mafia has no night kill or any other factional abilities

Role Ability's


Each night learn target players role. This resolves first.


Each night swap roles between 2 players. At the end of the night swap them back


Each night choose 2 other players. If they are of different alignments they will swap roles with each other


Each night chose 2 other players. They swap roles


Each night swap roles with target player. You may target imprisoned players.

Escape artist

If you are imprisoned you may swap roles with target player


Each night view target players role. This resolves last

Once per game you may instead check an imprisoned player to see if they are a member of the mafia


Once per night you may free target imprisoned player


The player with this role at the end of the night will free themselves if imprisoned


At the end of the night learn your new role and the player who now has the insider role


The night after you are imprisoned you may imprison target player

Shy guy

If someone views this role they will immediately swap roles with the player they viewed.

Resolution order

Escort (first swap)
Escape Artist

To Join

To join, simply express interest in joining by saying something like “I want to join” or “/join” or “/in” or “sign me up, coach” or whatever you want


Alignment Cards


Be free and have the mafia imprisoned


The other mafia members are [REDACTED] and [REDACTED]. You may talk to them at any time

Be free and have the Mafia and Traitor make up the majority of free players


You appear town to the detective’s and matchmaker’s alignment check

Once per night you may roleblock target player in addition to your role ability

Have the Mafia and Traitor make up the majority of free players

Town x8
Mafia x3


  1. H_Hjasik - Free
  2. htm - Free
  3. @DatBird - Free
  4. @Isaac_Gonzalez - Free
  5. @Magnus - Free
  6. @fireslol - Agent
  7. @cupcakeaj2 - Matchmaker
  8. @Geyde - Free
  9. @WazzaAzza - Free
  10. @Possessed - Escape Artist
  11. @James - Attorney
  12. @Minho - Escort


Day start links

Day 1 Start
Day 2 Start
Day 3 Start

That’s a problem since they receive a wolf Rolecard it should only be two


/cancel game until november

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Does this mean you cant win if youre ”lynched”

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Sounds like cancer

Definetly /in

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I failed as a reviewer I didn’t see that

/in Shy guy sounds fun



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this is 4 mafia vs 8 town right?

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3 mafia and a lost wolf. Effectively 4 mafia but one of the mafia doesn’t know the other 3 and the other 3 don’t know the traitor.

Traitor doesn’t care about being imprisoned however.

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Change cop to role cop if it learns role only.
If cop is alignment cop (e.g. Math is town) then cop is good


The name is for flavor. Role cop doesn’t work in terms of flavor.

Hence just calling it cop

Flavor in this case is the role.

Cop says it learns the role. Which makes it a role cop.

If the cop learns flavor then it is a flavor cop.

If the cop learns alignment then it is called cop.

I am trying to bring this site closer to MS or MU

But this isnt MS or MU :thinking:

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