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Change Noble's Maid Spy


Change ONLY Noble’s Maid Spy into something of less power but still useful;

Maid Spy: (N) (oo)
Choose 2 players and send your maids to them. You will see all whispers to and from them tomorrow. Does not count as visiting and cannot target the King.

This will decrease the omniscient power that Nobles have when preventing the Evil King from communicating with allies but will still allow for whispers to be detected, and most importantly, for Aristocrat and Apostle to fake Noble with whisper checking.


I support this because at the moment Evil King can’t communicate with evils until they already have numbers and it doesn’t matter if a Noble spies them.

Seems like an Evil King deducing who his friends are and conspiring with them should be a huge part of this game but it isn’t.


I dont as this would just force back the whisper meta


IMO maid spy as it is encourages it more than it discourages it already. especially in unseen games where there’s only 1 converted class unseen at a time.


I’ve said this before and I will say it again. Limited full whisper reading on BD encourages not using a Nexus more than unlimited targeted whisper reading does


I know, but maybe would be different?

There could be some unexpected results


Considering that nothing happened last time we tried this method I doubt it.


What if instead (like others suggested, which I’ve come to appreciate now) Maid Spy worked like Sheriff Scout but could only change targets once a day?


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