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[CFM] Triangle Marathon - Mafia Wins!


Not my fault no one listens to me :man_shrugging:


What’s the commotion about?


A guy who is correct on everything but never says anything about it isn’t actually correct.

A saying that should probably exist but doesn’t

regardless work on convincing others


Yeah I would have voted Marl with you no matter what you’re the VIP. I just genuinely didnt think he was mafia.


I was like your advisor, but I’d follow the leader


Yeah, I need to work on convincing others xD


Just as a point from an Aspie

It’s kinda hard to do this, especially in a situation whereby everyone turns on you and you panic because you feel like you have to justify your innocence, but people find a way to scumread that as well

We try our best but sometimes our coping mechanism IS to step away from the situation

I’ve even been told to do that by people when I’ve gotten angry, see 2d3 for that.


There is a difference between replacing out and stepping away for a few hours and revisiting it a later time. It’s unacceptable to tactically replace out.

And if that’s not enough, then just accept the temporary blacklist. It’s not fun for the other players and one of the reasons why ATE is so thoroughly disliked. You make others feel bad for just playing the game. Either town really thinks you’re scum and is just doing what it should do or it’s scum pushing a mislynch. There is no place for salt there. It is on you that you cannot sufficiently defend yourself.


I baited Solic, there is nothing to be discussed


Not to mention I got warned about it so I kept it quiet.


But other than that, yeah it’s not fair for everyone to pull that out the way which can possibly make lose the mafia team as well.

FM is not for me and I made it very clear about it.


I really don’t get this but whatever


You didn’t :eyes:
don’t make excuses about your bad scum play, improve it instead

refusing to cooperate and play the game THAT Early is basically openwolfing


Yes I did, Mole wouldn’t have find out otherwise.


Prove it


I could have pushed you as citizen just the same. My interaction with Luxy got me discovered.


I told you before, baiting a possible BG (despite Solic MIGHT NOT be) into deathtunneling and see if Luxy is fine with that. He did.


Seeing Luxy vote you = Looking closely at you
Seeing you no reaction any votes = Hello there?
Seeing votes drift to Frost immediately from both of you = Bodyguard?


This is kind of super obvious if you know that Frost is scum, since Luxy has to know that Frost and I would be on the same scumteam, but that might be 20/20 hindsight.


I tried to signal to Luxy that he should push me harder with this, but maybe that backfired too.