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[CFM] Triangle Marathon - Mafia Wins!


:man_shrugging: Not saying I pushed it hard, but I was hoping someone would death tunnel that way


It’s not your job to be town read I dont see how that would reflect poorly on you unless you were actively throwing to make your scum games harder to read (which you dont)


Well, how can I be town-read? Sitting on my ass and doing nothing?


Never saw any of your posts that support the conclusion that you pushed Squid at all.


Welp, just don’t go full AtE and replace out of rage.

It actually ruins the game’s quality.


Never saw =/= Never happened

But I was like lowkey pushing that way. It was more on Qwert and Squid being buddy. Once I saw you guys pushing on squid, I had plans to add more pressure if she found a way out of it legitimately, but… that rage quit kinda made it too high risk.




So being pissed screwed up your plan of getting me killed? :thinking:


Replacing out is not a valid defence strategy


It’s better than quoting my class card


It is still a crappy stuff to do.


Only by a factor of 0.1


Still, I have the mentality that if I step away to try to calm down, people will think I’m more likely to be scum due to silence


Absolutely not
Frost was just obviously scum so I had no choice

Mole bussed frost also


You are wrong


By actually playing the game and trying to find scum

The goal isn’t to get town read, it’s to lunch scum


No it isn’t
It’s just as bad


Don’t let it happen again or you’ll likely receive at least a temp Blacklist

Just learn to control your anger


Nope, only you four and I was fishing for reactions


Well, you didn’t make your case well, did ya?