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[CFM] Triangle Marathon - Mafia Wins!


Marl busses as scum all the time


But in this setup it’s even riskier


Town know 3 confirmed town, so bussing only barely helps you compared to a completely vanilla game where voting patterns would go further to prove your innocence


The longer he lived to actually find BG’s tho


I think we bussed because Frost openwolfed from post one


We need to talk about frost scum game tbh


You voted Qwert, squid, Me, Marl and Others lol.


Voting a Townread, what the heck, Baz?


Trying to rage quit, WTF Squid?


Being called lock-scum isn’t all pancakes and rainbows, to me, it makes me think I’m a terrible player, so I didn’t want to cause an accident like in CotJR 3


Never considered that maybe scum were setting you up for a mislynch so they could win?


You never set up that ML.

That was town’s doing.

Don’t take credit for our (mostly my) stupidity :^)


You saying I didn’t do anything :thinking:


scum let it happen


It’s not a setup then.


I misread


You said literally nothing in regards to Squid.

It was all in regards to Qwert. That was a setup on Qwert though


I think you’ll find I said Squid was scum buddies with qwert pretty early on.


Haven’t found a trace of it.


I saw it