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[CFM] Triangle Marathon - Mafia Wins!


if the vip was hidden this would just be worse mountainous


No, it wouldn’t, since there are still PR’s and mafia has an alternate win condition.


The day that I admit I got outplayed is the day the world will end


Personally, i’m not a big fan of favourising players but i needed to choose who would be i would say:

Mafia MVP: Moleland

Town MVP: Sadly, i would say nobody. PepeHands


@Firekitten called it


Actually yes it would lol. It would be a mountainous with 1 IC that knew 2 other ICs






I called both of you and tried to get Marl lynched :eyes:




This is genuinely pissing me off.

I called both Marl and Mole as scum and tried to get Marl lynched but no one listened to me and apparently my ‘laziness’ got Solic killed like tf?


Act 2 Scene 1:The fight between luxy and firekitten about the bodyguard


nah cba to argue with you you always try and argue with me about everything -_-


I noticed that recently :eyes:


I was tryna do this with Solic tbh


“Called us out” by voting half the game. Sure.




My vote was on marl when everyone was lynching qwery


Well I kind of just agreed with his reads, so yeah I townread him. Oops


Marl bussing frost the first day was extremely risky and makes no sense so good on them for pulling through. I guess they knew a bodyguard by the time they decided to bus?