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[CFM] Triangle Marathon - Mafia Wins!


Just by a quick look this is what I would do not sure if this is actually twilight picture tho

Mafia MVP-Moleland
Town MVP-I have honestly no clue


Except this is super less profitable than it is for mafia. Unlike mafia, the VIP gains no town credit from bussing, since he is an innocent child. Unlike mafia, you can’t scumread each other, it is one-sided. I couldn’t scumread or distance from Luxy.


He gets mafia off his trail by distancing


Then act like you were in danger if being lynched when voted lol.


also you CAN scumread your bodyguard but get someone else lynched while making mafia think that the bodyguard would be lynched the next day but you go for a “slightly” scummier person


It’s not like I would do that normally in RVS under one vote though…


Yes, but you can’t do this AS the bodyguard.


why would you do that as the bodyguard


bodyguard doesn’t give assosications

The VIP should be distancing the bodyguards


Distance from the VIP in any way I mean.


why would you do that


Yes, in the mafia, both players can distance, that’s the issue.


No it isn’t

Bodyguard doesn’t know who the bodyguard is


It didn’t help that luxy went frost the moment he voted you either I guess. But like i said. The cits didnt do there job in being meat sheilds for the town power roles.


the VIP pushes bodyguard

Then finds a slightly scummier person while keeping the option of lynching the scummy player tomorrow but instead finds a slightly more scummy person


Doesn’t work with lurkers either.


bodyguard doesn’t need to do anything in that scenario

Not to mention the crazy plays I would do if I was VIP


yes it does lol


also lurkers shouldn’t be joining games either if they don’t want to play


Watch me scumread a lurker

Honestly, everyone who talked so far seems townie except X. I’m going to make a bold assumption that Y (bodyguard) is an inactive mafia. It only makes sense since I Town read Z J A for reasons.

We lynch X today. Y tomorrow