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[CFM] Triangle Marathon - Mafia Wins!


Can we stop using replacing out as a town strategy please? Scum need mislynches to win, and by abusing the replace out system, not only are you being a bad sport and a bad loser - You are also giving town an advantage they do not need.


A lynch on the VIP would still be a waste of the day. You give mafia another win condition, so I don’t think it would be too town-sided. The VIP, as it stands, is like an outed mafia leader that gives associations left and right.

My salt is blinding me.


I thought of even suggesting Luxy would just say nothing the whole game, but just give the A-Okay when someone is at L-1, but I don’t think he’d be pleased or would do that anyways and it would signal too hard that I’m too concerned about the bodyguards.


Let me tell you this: Whenever you join any of my games don’t expect easy win as Town. This game is meant to be difficult and I don’t see a reason why I should did it differently.


I’m fairly certain this setup is townsided


The VIP is very rapidly able to POE the mafia


Honestly this issue should be addressed. There was way too many games where inactive ruined the whole expierence.


In some way it is but I wouldn’t say because of the setup in general. It heavily depends who is who.


Also cheers haha.


notice how i said we should do it and didn’t bother to do it myself :^)
master strategy


ok. I forgot I was in this game so sorry.


I just didnt want to deal with this game.

sorry twi


also ofc marl was scum


@Twil1ight mvps?


So like mafia make false assosications

You are a mini mafia


The mafia having a day role cop was op though.


also just realized you are basically masons without a chat

As mason you shouldn’t be screaming you are masons by Town reading each other heavily and acting like you have outside communication (even if the communication doesn’t apply here)


it was day?


I was joking as i read both bgs from day play