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[CFM] Triangle Marathon - Mafia Wins!


It’s point is to extend Town lead




Cause a town thats stomping needs more help right


I will actually agree with this.

If BG can’t protect citizens/rolecop from mafia attacks then I don’t see why it’s needed to be passive on VIP.



Because that “town” shouldn’t lose to one mafia right away lol

As well, that one mafia actually has a lot of hiding room


You forgot then isn’t regular mafia Town loses as soon as VIP dies.


My favourite quote of Scum chat


Also it’s mafia fault for letting the strongman die tbh


also I don’t get your point

You thought strongman was one shot

When it’s infinite you complain it’s too Town sided for the bullet proof vest to actually do something


Also me, after reading my rolecard and seeing Frost’s posts in thread



TBF, if we couldn’t strong kill and investigate night one, I wouldn’t have investigated


Who did you invest?


Max I think.


Geyde outing himself as bodyguard actually gave town a shot at winning - as it should have made townies really focus and try to find the scum - since before hand they were all coasting.


I think VIP should be hidden too possibly and just turn out unlynchable. Hiding associations with a VIP from the getgo is a severe pain and many townies don’t bother like Baz :eyes:


That is the whole point of the gamemode tho


Guys, stop treating every game like heckin’ rolemadness. :roll_eyes:

Yes, the Town roles weren’t powerful but i didn’t want them to be powerful in first place. If Town has to strongly relly on mechanics in order to win then something is wrong here.

And make a possible town-sided game? Nope.

It’s probably because most people probably didn’t get a chance to play a game where it forces completely different mindset in order to win.


We had to read at least one BG based on interactions, and every time we didn’t kill a BG we reduced the odds of us not being lynched.


The problem was that the 2 most pro-town players were the two bodyguards - the civilians didn’t really help them blend in at all.


Something about Solic bothered me as if Luxy is fine with Solic following his wagon.