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[CFM] Triangle Marathon - Mafia Wins!


Grumble grumble setup sucks, no salt here


I have intuition telling me Solic crossed the line if you ask me, Mole have felt the same apparently.

Like I feel like Luxy is approving Solic, could have fooled me.


Theres a mafia backup, thats two strongmen


uh huh

Then you get rid of that and you get a gift


Its useless


not really

Niche but not useless


Town has to stomp for bp bg to be useful


Like I said

It’s a small gift


Like there is no point. All it does is extend towns lead


Moreso I think it’s meant to prevent mafia from winning a 1 v something so easily tbh


no it doesn’t lol


2 strongmen dead
Mafia hits the bpbg, town gets an even stronger lead since no nk.

What are you smoking fk?


You said no point

That’s the exact point it is meant to do


There is no point all it does is extend towns lead


They made it so mafia don’t win a 1 v something so easily

@Twil1ight am I right?


Of course i am worried, if more ppl vote me we lose the game.

Nothing wrong with my second statement, me doing the gambit with geyde in the game is a bad idea


I honestly thought strongman was 1-shot


That’s the point


That isn’t a point


It adds nothing useful to the game