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[CFM] Triangle Marathon - Mafia Wins!



Stop being lazy


I really don’t see how you baited anything, everyone was deathtunneling you


Wait btw how was i over confident?

I said it looks like scum is caught, just saying what i was thinking at the time


Pretty much my interaction allow Marl and Mole to blend in


You made me want to death tunnel you so much


That looks like a scum bus vote ngl




let me just quote a couple of posts


Oww it was my reaction. I attempted to play the regular village leader, because it’d be obvious I’d be a bodyguard if I lurked like the rest.


Yes but I am expendable.

I leave the reading to Mole and Marl, thanks to me they found the first guard.


I scumread Mole for all the wrong reasons too I guess. :smiley:


I don’t think that’s true but whatever helps :man_shrugging:


Mole may have deducted Solic for Guard, I did draw him out.


i have absolutely no clue how mole read solic as bg that early so who knows


Also whats the point of a bulletproof bg if mafia can strongman every kill


More worried about being scumread then finding scum

Pure wine, which reminds me of something you said earlier about not doing anything as scum which believe it or not will lead to your loss. That statement was REALLY wrong

As well as a couple of other posts


Totally agree with this. I thought they had limited uses.


Same tbh


Also this?


It gives you reason to actually get rid of the strongman