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[CFM] Triangle Marathon - Mafia Wins!


Or…in too many game .-.


Past two games I’ve called marl as scum but no one listened to me :man_shrugging:


I somehow have considered the possibility why you distance with Solic and somehow ok with Solic going aggressive to me.

I’d say Mission Accomplished




Can I see scum chat?


yeah but the next time you do it i’ll be town because nobody can read me easily :clap:


Regardless it would be bad to paint me as a bodyguard Luxy, because I wouldn’t lurk as some others. :wink:


No I’ve got you figured out morl


You didn’t stop Solic deathtunneling me.


I was deathtunneling you


Everyone was deathtunneling you


Why would I stop him


Marl did fool me. Should have listened to my gut when he so quickly moved on in RVS when he could have interacted.


it was the objectively correct play


That didn’t matter since we know you are VIP


okay yeah

Can we talk about how to improve your scum game frost


No, let him be an easy read


I baited and that’s good enough for me.


We do not need another scum!kitten