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[CFM] Triangle Marathon - Mafia Wins!


Yea, Solic died because of lack of good interaction with Luxy. Oof but what can i say. /shrug


Also squid did nothing except rage and threaten to replace out


You didn’t tell me who my fucking bodyguards were


For the record, your RvS vote wouldn’t matter.


Marl literally pointed out the wifom


Jesus when he said about the wifom that heavily scum pinged him for me


to be fair if you didn’t know he was your bodyguard the wifom didn’t exist in the first place




the correct play is to make people think the bodyguards have a chance to be lynched tomorrow however you find someone scummier but still find them scummy


the fact that you didn’t know he was a bg only helped you seem more legitimate there


Would’ve opened differently


I dragged him to be seen important - and he is.

I did say no, but initially since he interacted with me however yes, he seems like it.


also in the end it was mole who caught solic
i dont’ think it was because of the vote, but you’d have to ask mole :man_shrugging:


Jesus christ .-.

I guess I should improve my read more :eyes:


Calling the scumteam and I tried to push on marl but dont listen to luxy SMH


or you know actually play the game cough cough


It wouldn’t be possible without my interaction


It is pretty hard when you have IRL stuff.


fair but then just dont join games when you have irl stuff


I really don’t see how I was lazy