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[CFM] Mad17 - CANNED


Mafia will get both vigs


What? Actually that’s pretty good for a concept.


If Maf gets both vigs they end up having to deal with a lot of investigatives


Can we not make everything a title game?


Had no title opportunities for a while and the last one (2d3 again) was denied by the people


Our last title opportunity is literally going on right now


We skipped the last one




It was literally 4 minutes


Memesky I’m not sure you noticed but you spelled your name wrong.
Oh yeah also Orange did the solar car race thing happen yet?


That’s in October dude


It’s better to make this a title game for incentive than the other, since the other already has 20 dollars and the honor of having your suggestion added in some shape as a price. Adding the same incentive is not going to incentivize anymore.

No u.


No u


I’m immune to good decision making


Wait there’s a $20 prize for that?


tfw you are actually excluded from giving it a go, because you are judging the submissions

Or I rig it. :thinking:


Wait wtf

If eevee is @eevee

And Geyde is one of the Memesky’s

Who is the other memesky

Oh it must be Solic


Ah yep it’s Solic ok


If my typing quirks don’t make it obvious


You mean my typing quirks

Which you should stop stealing :eyes: