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[CFM] Mad17 - CANNED


13x Town
4x Mafia

Each of the following 17 roles will be assigned at random to one player in the game without regard for the player’s alignment. Each role is restricted to using its action only on the nights listed on the chart.

Role Acts On Modifier
Watcher n1 Only Macho
Watcher n2 Only
Alignment Cop n2 Only 1x Ninja
Alignment Cop n3 Only 1x Ninja
Vigilante n2 Only
Vigilante n3 Only
Doctor n1, n3
Doctor n2, n4
Tracker n1, n3
Tracker n2, n4
Jailkeeper n1, n3
Jailkeeper n2, n4
Roleblocker n1, n2, n3
Role Cop n1, n2, n3 1x Strongman
Jack of All Trades(Role Cop, Tracker, Roleblocker) n1, n2, n3
Jack of All Trades(Doctor, Jailkeeper, Voyeur) n1, n2, n3
Voyeur n1, n2, n3, n4 1x Strongman

More information on Mafia Universe.

Relevant mechanics info:

  • Day start.
  • Role reveals at death are alignment only. You will not learn a player’s exact role when they die.
  • Deadline Lynch. I.e. day does not end at majority.
  • If there is a tied lynch, one of the tied players will be randomly lynched.
  • No outside communication. I.e. you may not contact the other players outside of the thread (unless you are Mafia and wish to speak with your teammates).
  • Phase Lengths are 36/12.
  • Thread is locked during Night Phases.
  • Votes are automatically locked in at LYLO.
  • The mafia faction kill is assigned and can be tracked, watched, blocked, etc.
  • The mafia faction kill is optional on Nights 1 to 4 and mandatory on Nights 5 and beyond.
  • Usage of night actions is optional, but unused actions will be lost.
  • Mafia members may perform the faction kill in addition to their regular action at the same time.
  • The game will have a host to oversee everything and make sure everyone’s following the code of conduct.

Finally, there is a post restriction of 200 posts per game day. This restriction will be lifted 2 hours before EOD (day end). This restriction means if you hit 200 posts six hours into a game with 36/12 phases, for example, you will have to wait 28 hours before being able to post again.

  1. Isaac_Gonzalez
  2. Bazingaboy
  3. eevee
  4. Alice
  5. Magnus



Invitation to Mafia Championship (Season 6) - Voting Phase II!



wait nvermind lol


can I even in this?


You can.


sign me in then


where is the mafia in this?




I thought you retired indefinitely?


I know your true identity. You missed an important factor


Yes. I’m totally Marl.


Search ‘Marluxion’





Every eevee’s game is a good game.



Every eevee’s game is bastard.


@Alice @Firekitten ?


I’m in.


I didn’t sign up


Can we legit NOT impersonate people


when does this start tho