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[CFM] Adiart Love Letter Mafia - Game end - town win


I thought Fk was bluffing with their prince claim and I didn’t think I would make it past F3


I am fed up with theees world


did my vote switch to you at the end of day 3 have anything to do with this loss of faith?


Marcusu OwO


Sort of.
I knew Fk was voting me there 100% of the time


So I was just kind of screwed


I was tempted to claim priest and claim maraget lied


How so?
He started to scumsuspect me when I changed my vote at the end of the day.

He was about to vote me and make it a 1d3 RNG between soul, you, and me at the end of day 3, but he barely ran out of time.

The only chance you had was killing FK.
I never would have considered trusting you over FK in LyLo.
You vs. Simon definitely would have been harder for me.


Firekitten got destroyed in this game


I thought it was max lol


Geyde played alright all things considered


I think that all in all, most of actions were never used and that was a mistake.


because he couldnt nightkill you


Wonder how this game would have gone if Firekitten hadn’t subbed in.


we defo would have lost imo


i was starting to suspect geyde
But it wasn’t enough without the sub
I would have fallen to his trickery.


Lynched town
Still gets called the reason we win


I lol’d at this


My d1 was very terrible tbh.
The only thing I really had going for me was the ‘this could never be s/s’ point.

Fk subbing in ended my chances of winning in the end though


I do feel like forcing an interaction to happen at the beginning of the game as town to draw reactions from could be a viable strategy for future reference.

The downside of it obviously being how much attention it will draw