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[CFM] Adiart Love Letter Mafia - Game end - town win


Looks like soul is likely dead.



let’s go

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Lets see…

Accused Voters Count
SoulShade55r Firekitten, Simon 2
Geyde Maxwell 1

Eh, seems like Soul is dead!

What is his alignment…?

Let me see!

He is aligned with Town!

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Last night, we discovered two corpses on the ground.

The corpse of Simon…his alignment is Town.

The Mafia wi- Oh wait, wrong script.

Just when the Mafia thought he won the game for both his teammate and himself…

Geyde pulled up the gun and shotted himself.

And yes, that second corpse…is no other than Geyde himself.

His alignment is…Mafia.

And now, I shall officially announce:

The Town wins!




Why did Geydu shot himself Insanitu?


Geyde was the Hunter and targeted somebody who wasn’t a Guard/Maid.


What other class have a gun in their hand?


All the knights/maids were gone at that point anyway, lol.


I knew it was geyde
Was too late on the wagon on him yesterday.


Also full role list?


Hunter roll seems pretty crappy for maf there hahaha


Who the heck did he target?



And guess what his class is?



I’m glad at least that both of my D1 votes were right and that I led a scum lynch in my time alive. Got tripped up by the s/s wagons but at least I did see both scum as scum in a vacuum for some time.
@Firekitten If there’s one thing I’m good at it’s reading people as town for genuine emotions and the way they attack a wagon. Should have sheeped me not be surprised I flipped town smh.