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[CFM] Adiart Love Letter Mafia - Game end - town win


Who do you suggest instead Maxwell?


Though I do agree that if we have an afk person at lylo the game is lost for town.


It is really hard to tell.


for the most part i do agree with what youve shown, this is just an extrapolation.
If you’re scum, the move is the kill geyde/me
if geyde is scum the move is to kill you.
if max is scum the move is to kill you aswell i think
and if im scum it doesnt matter what i say here because i may not follow it just for mind games’ sake, but i think the move would be to kill geyde


Maxwell I want to let you know that I have seen multiple scum always express doubt about the lynch near end of day but don’t do anything about it


Well I am going to do something this time.


thus from this and from who dies we can tell the killer


oh noes.
1 vote, that wont to anything to the plurality


/vote Geyde
for me now it is between geyde and simon.
If Geyde is scum, I believe him to be unbeatable in lylo.


could i ask why you think this?


Don’t you think Soul could just be an afk scum?


I doubt the plausibility of soul doing nothing in this chat but lurking.
If Geyde isn’t scum, then we know that scum swapped his card.

As to why I think this, I think the idea for scum to get wagons on each other day one is an extremely powerful strategy.


I kind of want to allow this lmao


@Simon what do you think of what’s happening so far


If soul is scum then he would just die in lylo if he’s afk for good
If he’s town, I still don’t mind allowing him into lylo just because of how much I doubt him being scum.


Also either way he should be replaced if he continues to be inactive in this chat.


That makes zero sense


Maxwell r u scum


I am not.


I am town priest.