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[CFM] Adiart Love Letter Mafia - Game end - town win


I didn’t mean to press reply

I meant to type something before I did


Petrified, because luck usually sides against me and scum will not out to hammer me so I would be at the whim of luck.


I think it’s just Soul


I need to go to the bathroom but I can’t because I need to be here for eod


it takes you 21 minutes to use the bathroom?


I am a moron for outing my class TBH


I need to be here for 24/7 Incase they come back


also drowning in the toilet is a huge possibility /s


how many votes on soul?



Do you think this will flip scum Simon?




not allowing hammer when it’s improbable but possible the others may show up


wait I forgot there is no hammer
/vote SoulShade


@simon reeee you were just here


unsure. making plans for town flip. he was super scumm in d1 tho.
/vote soul


sorry ive been gone for a couple hours and im catching up in a couple different places


that was the most scummiest response I have ever seen


im making plans for town flip because if its scum flip the game ends.
thus, lynch the most likely scum but make plans for the town flip


What’s ur plans if this flips town?


I am starting to doubt this lynch. Why would scum be absent here and post no defense? Also, he was gone the entirety of yesterday as well, and I sincerely doubt he was lurking in order to swap Geyde’s card.