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[CFM] Adiart Love Letter Mafia - Game end - town win


How is this going to be a draw?
From my estimation currently vc is 2 on soul and no one else
lynch is true parity so currently soul is on track to die.


if I vote you it’s 1-1 and it’s a draw


It would be yeah.


In that case a 1d2 decides who dies.


If you want to vote for someone else I will.
I did say I suspected isaac voters more than abstainers which is still true.
I don’t know why scum would be so inactive.


So if I voted Geyde you would lynch them?


If it came to that or a draw, yes.


Not sure if he’ll come back here and do anything.


Probably not


If he turns out to be town, who do you think will die tonight, and what would be your line of thought going into lylo?
I can’t die tonight and scum won’t attack me as I have outed as town priest.


I’m dying tonight most likely, I can’t be scum due to cutie being afk and couldn’t submit a kill so then the best kill is to always kill me.

My thought process for lylo would be basically panicking as I don’t want to be stuck in lylo with two people who are both somewhat scummy.

My main thing would be if I was alive in lylo for them to finally answer my questions regarding them


Why do you have trust in a geyde lynch today over soul, simon, or me?


I don’t have a trust in a Geyde lynch. I’m still lynching soul cause they have to die. If you are alive tomorrow I highly suggest that you DO NOT randomly vote and to actually use your time


Of course. I learned my lesson the hard way last time.


Maxwell what are your emotions right now


So you want to lynch soul over geyde now and want me to keep my vote on soul?




Scared and highly nervous


how scared would you be if I voted you