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[CFM] Adiart Love Letter Mafia - Game end - town win


@Soulshade55r I highly suggest defending yourself as you are getting lynched


I wish people weren’t inactive reee


that makes no sense when there’s literally one wolf left alive






I guess this was bad.


What do you mean, why would you say that at all? What were you thinking right then


That seems more like a town credit grab


I felt helplessly attacked by geyde.


Was not trying to grab town credit


Had just tried a bunch of things and they all failed


What do you mean by trying a bunch of things?


What is the vote count @insanity @eevee


I mean I did a bunch of reading, talking, and theory crafting yet he was still attacking me


To be fair I would attack me too if I had made the decisive vote on hippo who was town.


I think it’s dumb scumresding someone for voting a town mislynch when there’s one wolf left


It probably is.


if the way they did it was scummy sure

but like


I’m tempted to CFD Maxwell but it’s going to end a draw between soul and Maxwell as I’m pretty sure no one else voted


soul had 3 days to check in and they didn’t so they kind of need to die anyways