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[CFM] Adiart Love Letter Mafia - Game end - town win


It’s a interesting question that gets more interesting the more I add to it.


It depends how hard I feel the read goes
The deeper the scum read and the lighter the town read, the more likely I am to kill the town reader
If they’re both extreme I probably kill the town reader anyway
That said this may change depending on how aggressive I interpret these individuals to be.


Why would you kill the person town reading you?

More importantly

Let’s change the details more

Now let’s say this.

An experienced player who’s known for catching a lot of wolves is town reading you. However an inexperienced player is scumresding you who is known to be wrong a lot.

Who do you kill?


That said, if I were scum, following a plan based on day 1 votes would be more important to me than who or who wasn’t accusing me.
I theory crafted this in terms of later game earlier.


That’s interesting


unquestionably, the person who is townreading me.
I suspect that person’s perspective could change to scum very quick and I’d be more confident in my ability to deceive someone less experienced than retain the support of an expert.


As you have probably noticed in my past scum games, sometimes I show noticeable cracks and even collapse in some circumstances.


Let’s change the scenario.

You are a member of the town and you lynched a wolf earlier. The vote was like this

A-B C D you
Non Voters-G H

A was a wolf and B aligment is unknown. Who would you suspect as a wolf


Right away it would be tough
As per my theory crafting earlier, now I suspect isaac voters more than abstainers
Because killing marg last night was just a dumb move for an abstainer scum, again as I explained in my theorycrafting.


this has nothing to do with the game…Don’t think about the kills last night just imagine this as a night phase


night 1?




If I have nothing to go off of day 1, with it that close, my suspicion starts with the other person’s voters, then it goes to the scum voters, then the abstainers.
With two scum it just seems odd for me for the other scum to abstain. It could happen, but again I trust the idea more of someone trying to clear themself than not voting when it was really close and there was a good chance the scum would die


All of the geyde voters are dead now.



going to read maraget iso to see their reads


What were your reads before maraget died. Like the day phase before that, I’m using these to judge Geyde alignment rn


@simon are you here?


The real question is why didn’t scum swap hippos card if he claimed princess


oh wait hippo was obvious lying here


Before marg died, I suspected her, then simon and soul, then geyde. Geyde is starting to scare me now but I’m still null on him and for now I have no reason to distrust his card being swapped which is why I don’t really want to consider him as scum before LyLo.
I do not suspect you at this point, because I highly believe it was the optimal move for scum to abstain on day 2.