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[CFM] Adiart Love Letter Mafia - Game end - town win


What do you think about Simon rn?


He is insanely hard for me to read.


Can you explain further? What gives you the mixed vibes.


Actually let’s play a game.
If you were scum, what would you do.

Would you kill the person town reading you, or would you kill the person not town reading you.

I’ll add more detail to this question as you answer it and let’s see if your answer ever changes


I think it’s ridiculous Simon hasn’t voted until today


What’s with people not voting on this site and expecting scum to just out themselves


The self hammer may have been intended, or it may have been fake with the knowledge that there was no hammer (knowledge we don’t have). I trust you as town, he is null to me. Geyde is pulling me extremely hard in both directions perceptively, and while SvS may have been a screwed start in day 1 voting, I, like you, don’t think town will win if it’s him.


Going to be honest I don’t trust y’all lynching Geyde if he’s scum and I die tonight


The scary part is why would scum swap his cards


And he caused a mass claim and then got the hunter card


I am not up for lynching geyde today, I’m pretty sure


You won’t be for tomorrow either, which is also the scary part


Can you answer tbis


I may be in lylo


you will be in lylo if Soul is town


Hold on


Isaac votes make me think he’s scared of voting every single person in the game which makes me question why

I don’t want to delve in the mind cause he makes almost zero sense


There’s a possible world where Geyde asked isaac to be as un cooperative as ever and Isaac didn’t really understand what that meant and that’s why this played out as it did


If I were scum, the person I kill tonight depends on the person who dies today.
The answer between the one town reading me and the one not town reading me may be different depending on who is lynched today.


I’m talking about at the beginning of the game

Imagine a game where a town was lynched D1. You had a person town reading you and a person scum reading you. Who do you kill?