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[CFM] Adiart Love Letter Mafia - Game end - town win





Strictly non-bastard.
Alignment and cards are distributed separately and are independent of each other.
Mafia has factional kill and twice per game, at any moment is allowed to swap one role card for a random one.
You may use night kill and card action on same night, if applicable.


Days will be 3 IRL days long
Nights will be 1 IRL days long
Deadline true plurality with random in case of draw.
Actions are done by messaging me
Mafia will talk through a special Discord server

To Join

To join, simply express interest in joining by saying something like “I want to join” or “/join” or “/in” or “sign me up, coach” or whatever you want

Role list

7 town
2 mafia


  • 1x Princess - If you are ever forced to discard this card, you die.
  • 1x Noble - If a Prince or a King is targeted for a night kill, you die in their place.
  • 1x King - Reveal this card at Day to swap it with another player’s role card. Only one player may use this card per Day.
  • 2x Prince - Target a player at night (you may choose yourself). At the dawn of the next Day, they must discard their role card and draw a new one from the deck.
  • 2x Priest - You may reveal this card at Day if targeted by a Day ability in order to block the ability’s effect. If you are attacked while this card is unrevealed, instead of dying discard this card and draw a new one.
  • 2x Hunter - You may target a player each night. If their role card is a Maid or a Knight, they will die. If their role card is a Priest, Prince, King, Noble or Princess, you will die. If their role card is the other Hunter, nothing happens.
  • 2x Maid - Reveal this card at Day to privately look at another player’s role card.
  • 6x Knight - Reveal this card at Day to target a player and guess which role card they have. If you are correct, they must discard it and draw a new one from the deck. Each of the six Knights cards may only be activated once per game.


  1. Margaret - Town - Dead night 2
  2. Simon
  3. Isaac - Mafia - Lynched day 1
  4. CuteAlch -> Firekitten
  5. Ninja - Town - Dead night 1
  6. Maxwell
  7. Hippo - Town - Lynched day 2
  8. Geyde
  9. Soulshade55r




Not going to lie, saw police office for a bit and got over hyped

if spectados are not a thing then I’ll /backup


Post office, not police, lol.


i was gonna comment on the obvious parody, but then i noticed the name



at least im assuming its semi-based off what im thinking of


What do you think it’s based on?

There was some changes to what it was based on, but some stuff remained.


Love letter, the tabletop game




Swapped Priest and Maid around to make more ToL sense.

Also swapped some role names to more ToLy ones.


inb4 you reveal knight to make someone redraw their role, and then they get a knight and reveal it at you/your ally


Revealing as knight is risky due to… hunter.




/spectate; if no spectators then /out


Reads title
/joins the game


Wow for once in my life I’ve seen an eevee game before he alerts me and it’s one of my favorite card games out there. Count me in!


Isaac stop trying to git banned it won’t work

if anything it’s just pinging and annoying them




This seems like a really fun concept.