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Can't play the game at all


Ever since the update, the game always crashes after choosing a name


This should be in the support category.


Did you get banned? Thing about anything crazy against the rules you did recently

  • Foul Language
  • Rasicm
  • Spamming
  • Etc.


What is the status of your steam account? Maybe it won’t work because it won’t log in through steam with a steam problem. Just shooting some ideas to help out.

Maybe post your username so a mod can tell you if you got banned.

Is your computer functioning properly? Any viruses?


See if any of these ideas help then answer to let us know about the status


Moved it to the proper section

Though I don’t know much about the issue, sorry!


Try to retrieve the crash log from the game.

Use ?logs in #bot-spam, it should teach you what to do.


Attach your logs after the game crashes without restarting the game.