Candlelight Deadchat

If you wanna get spoiled lmk

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mod kills don’t get deadchat

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Spoil me in my classcard. I don’t want anyone else to be forcibly spoiled.

i bet the team is arete/eevee/uni

im gonn ask 4 spoilers in classcard

I say Arete, eevee, hippo

i be spoilered

im not gonna reveal anything but i know the beans

can i tell y’all who’s kyle’s mason buddy

eevee who is FPSing?

Sure tell me

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ding ding ding

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yeah alright not that difficult to depict lul

Real talk were did all these kills come from

eevee convinced possessed to move off arete to wazza as a tinfoil

i imagine possessed shot wazza


goddamnit eevee

not like it would have mattered

all beasts have DI until candlelight

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