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Can we talk about communities for a second?


This is a lie


Tbh I find stuff like making hentai of She-Ra strange but it isn’t morally wrong.
So even making +18 material or MLP should be fine as long they are portrayed as adults? :thinking:


Theorically Toxic members are not the majority of big communities. The problem lies in fact that Toxic players are more noticeable.

Also anybody who say adults who are watching “children” cartoons are some sort of “pedophile” without even researching has no rights to say what is wrong and what is right. Change my mind.

10000th Poster gets a cookie
  1. Are you suggesting I haven’t researched?
  2. You endorse this kind of shit?


I have every right to my own opinion


Then prove me wrong. :thinking:


Sure but do not expect everybody would share your point of view.


  1. If you just say that you have researched arguments without showing here the arguments, this phrase is null as the void.
  2. Appeal to vanity


Yes but I’m allowed to state it no?


You must not know it very well then
It’s a proven fact there is a problem with that kind of stuff in both the MLP and the Furry Fandom. Just because the people you know in the community aren’t doesn’t mean that there isn’t a huge problem with it.



Correlation doesn’t always equal causation, yes. But the correlation can be made. It’s an unhealthy fandom for anyone over the age of twelve.


Just because I didn’t have research on quick dial doesn’t mean I haven’t done it smh


Man do I have to heavily disagree with Marl and Luxy here. You look deep enough into ANY fandom you’re gonna find creepy pedophiles, it’s an unfortunate side-effect of the fandom being as big as it is. It’s wholly unfair to single out MLP just because its target audience is children.



Being a child molester and a brownie are different things. Some child molesters are brownies.
The problem come when you call every brownie a child molester. You can also have vegetarian child molesters, you don’t call all vegetarians child molesters because of that.

Also, making r34 of ponies isn’t wrong as long they are portrayed as adults, because otherwise it would be child molesting. It is just a fetish.


I doubt there’s Throne of Lies pedophilia, I doubt there’s CoD pedophilia, your point is invalid. It’s certain 'fandom’s which are the problem.


Also on that point, if you’re gonna single out MLP, why not Steven Universe as well? That’s a kid’s show, you not gonna say anything on that?


there is a difference between a show aimed AT 4 YEAR OLD girls to one aimed at teenage boys


You really need to do some research before you blindly argue