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Can we talk about communities for a second?


I don’t

However who am I to stop them


You basically really annoyed me with that statement with how you took their statement and went to that conclusion

don’t know how to explain it you just did


I mean you can’t stop them, but we can agree it is fucked no?


Let’s see here, I found a good one:
The Living Tombstone was(might still be) a Brony and he hasn’t done any sexual harassment shit


Isn’t TLT a group of people?


Not really, it’s composed of one Israeli musician


Sure why not

however please don’t do that statement again

just cause someone doesn’t stop it doesn’t mean they endorse it


I agree people can like what they want to an extent: anime, sports, gaming. But stuff like the fetishization of kids shows is just too far


Yeah, that shit can be fucked up, but just because someone likes a kids show not directed towards them doesn’t make them a fucking pedophile


Hell, the show wasn’t directed towards girls my age and yet I still liked it, so I guess you’re calling me a pervert too


But you didn’t sexualize it did you?


Basically let people have their shit and you have your shit. Nothing else needs to be said


Of course not



The pizza guy meme represents anyone walking in this thread


We really do go off topic


tbf it’s called off topic in the first place


This thread was one hell of a roller coaster


Did you know in Australia squash is called pumpkin


No, but that’s cool.


@Luxy I can completely agree that sexualising something that isn’t intended for it is bad. Enjoying a show made for a much younger target audience on its entertainment value is completely fine though.