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Can we talk about communities for a second?


Bish, anyone can like any kind of crap they want, fight me

Not all men that like the show are pedos




If it isn’t affecting you why make a big deal out of it. People like weird shit so let them like weird shitposts it isn’t hurting anybody


There’s a difference between shit posting and liking weird stuff and child exploitation


So you endorse child exploitation


you know that’s false and I am about to find an example to crush you no?


Go ahead


I have to find a good example of what you said to show how stupid it was

Give me a minute


If there was child exploiatation then why aren’t we hearing more about it?


‘People can like anything they want’

No, they cant


I can show you multiple examples on Bronies that are not goddamn child molesters since I was a part of the fandom and you weren’t


This concerns me


Luxy who do you want to be

Bob or joe


How so? I’m more knowledgeable about the fandom than you, so I’m damn sure what I know about it is more truthful


Fetishizing kids shows is a slippery slope to you know what


Luxy forreal your going to dig yourself into a hole and nobody is gonna save you


I can’t think of a good example

but for some reason what you said here really annoyed me tbh


Second meaning of concern is worry


You agree with the fetishizing of a kids show designed for four year old girls?


You realize the slippery slope argument is hugely flawed right?