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Can we talk about communities for a second?


I’ve noticed the more traction a game gets, the more toxic a community shows itself. Good examples of this would be Town of Salem’s, TF2s, and a little bit of undertale’s.

Has anyone noticed this?


Yes. It’s because toxic people are more noticeable and bigger communities have more toxic people even if it’s the same proportions


A lit-


The larger a community grows, the more likely it’s going to have shitheads in it. Prime examples IMO are things like Steven Universe, MLP, you yourself mentioned Undertale.



Oh yeah also you didn’t bring up the LoL community.
(Insanity Marl I’m sorry but it had to be said)


Eh, never was a fan of MOBAs so it didn’t cross my mind


No joke, in only the THIRD game of it I’ve played, I’ve had someone report me because “I’m trash”. He also said more than that but I want to keep my account here so I won’t repeat it.


Get good then noob


I’m pretty sure you’re joking since you’re not that stupid.
I think.
I hope.
Please tell me you’re joking.



Not joking



Sorry what


Blue forgot the third most famous classic blunder:
Never piss off an Aussie when it comes to MLP.


Bitch what


The fact there are adult male fans of mlp disgusts me


Then what does this mean?


Why is he suggesting that is a ‘community?’


I mean let them do themselves. If that’s what makes then happy who am I to judge


Don’t worry, I already adapted to it.

Got told to drink bleach yesterday.


LoL is like the best example of this tbh

Also, my brain is fried rn,

I got zero sleep on my flight


That shits disgusting, its basically pedo shit