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Can we please rework all who clicked faster interactions?


There are several important interactions that are in the game that pretty much all come down to can I click my day ability faster than you can click yours. A lot of these are with Prince, Mystic or king vs a neutral killing (Possessor or Reaper). While these situations are admittedly not going to come up a whole lot boy does it feel bad to be on the wrong side of it and it can be game losing. I don’t think it’s ideal for a potential game ending interaction to come down to click speed.

I realize this is a tricky subject to handle and there might not be a real fix that is remotely feasible but it is something that I feel that leaves a negative impression when it does come up. I also realize that nk usually have it the roughest I just don’t think that the game being decided because you are a second to late on your chill or you winning because you were a second faster than the mystic to chill them is compelling game play.