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Can we give Butler an extra day ability?


Can we give him an ability that HELPS the King? So that he can satisfy his irresistible urge to smash a button without killing good kings.


Absolutely not that would nerf evils ability to win by lowering the chance of a gk + butler dying



I think this would be more fit with another class though, butler has enough tbh.




This is why I say no.

Don’t reward bad players.



Make a royal support class


This is funny +1


Hang on

Got one in my back pocket


When you don’t know which class add to the game, make a Support because they are very easy to make. EZ Clap


Is it from a sfol

if so please rework said class



More along the lines of supporting the king and or other royals


This is an old one


I like the description for this passive.


It’s quite effective at communicating its information.






geyde is a furry confirmed /s

but seriously, i think butler likely doesn’t need one


I will murder you



I welcome you to try