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Can multiple deathnotes on a single player be implemented?


Would be nice, I think. Sometimes you kill someone that was killed by someone else and so your deathnote doesn’t show up. Pretty frustrating.


This confirms multiple killers on one person though
Right now only one of the killers know if there were multiple
In bd eyes 1 death could mean a killer was jailed, occ’d or such


If you don’t want to risk confirming multiple killers then just don’t leave a deathnote, that’s a non-issue


The only problem with that is there is no way to know if you’re going to leave an empty deathnote. Seems to happen after pressing the clear button on the deathnote screen. Is there a way around this currently?


if you don’t open your deathnote then you don’t leave one

once you open it you leave a blank one if u dont draw anything