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Bug with inq loading late to game


What happened? I loaded late to game D2 and it told me heathen classes were assassin, alchoholic and chrono

What was SUPPOSED to happen? Should have told me heathen starting classes, so drunk instead of alchoholic

Steps to reproduce: Have heathen converted N1 and inq load into game D2

Comments: to be exact I loaded into the game on the last second of N1, I did see my night skills by flash. Here is pricture of chat


It wasn’t a bug with the converted classes, it was a old bug with loading in

I had one game where we loaded in D2 and it counted it as D1

And D1 counted as D0

Still is weird though


I agree that its a bug with loading in, but I should not know drunk was converted to alcoholic right?


The game does an auto detect what classes your targets are when you load in, so since you loaded in D2 and a person was converted, when it was checking classes, it gave you those results


so it’s a bug


Loading in error