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BUG WITH HUNTER - Link to steam screenshots - May just need clarification


What happened?

Happy hour on the drunk went through a hunters occupy immunity but did NOT go through the target switching immunity.

What was SUPPOSED to happen?

I’m not sure, I would like to see some clarification.

Steps to reproduce:

Drunk uses Happy Hour on a Hunter, Hunter uses wolf to target someone.

Comments:strong text

Here is a link to the bug report I put on the steam discussion forum for the game:

As you can see in the screenshots the drunk used happy hour on me. I was the hunter. The text on the screen reads that he failed to swap my target because I am immune to it, but is able to occupy me successfully.

In the end, the way it works now leads to the same result as if Happy Hour swapped the target as well because getting occupied leaves you at doing nothing.

I personally think that the hunter should retain immunity to both occupation and target switching even through Happy Hour(at least when it comes from a drunk, not an alcoholic), but if the devs would like to have happy hour go through the Hunters immunities, then the text needs to be updated to state that you were redirected as well. Thanks for reading!


I have to disagree on the concept that hunters occ immunity should be capable of not being occupied. Keep in mind that happy hour is also an alcoholic ability… and unseen would want to use it on a hunter for the same reasons that a drunk should want to use it on the Possesor or MM.

Does sound like the tooltip could use a bit better wording to remove the implication that it removes redirects (though as you noted, since the person is occupied anyway, redirects are pretty irelevant).


Happy Hour removes Occupy and death immunity for the night, and keeps the target occupied too. Although an affect could make you change targets, it’s irrelevant as you can’t do anything.


You are always immune to target changing if you aren’t targeting anything.


yes i also wanted to know this thanks for sharing this.
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