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[Bug report] Closing the game causes crash


What happened?

Closing the game by pressing the exit button from the main menu causes Paper Mario the game to crash.

What was SUPPOSED to happen?

Game should exit gracefully.

Steps to reproduce:

Press exit button from the main menu, then click “Exit Now” from the prompt. It doesn’t matter what I do beforehand, it will still crash.


I know that closing the game any other way (Alt+F4, the window’s close button, etc.) always used to cause something akin to a crash, but now closing the game the intended way causes it to happen now.

Actually, closing the game with Alt+F4 now causes the game to close just fine now when it didn’t before. Now the only way to crash the game on close is with the exit button.

I’m on the latest Windows patch (V2.0.1c) on Windows 10.


It’s always been this way I believe
Plz fix


I know that the game always used to crash on alt+F4 and the like, but the exit button used to be fine. Now it’s the other way around.


You sure? Pretty sure it’s always been this way.


Perhaps it’s just my computer that works this way. But I always used to close the game through the main menu so I didn’t have to wait through the “Please wait while Windows reports the problem…” prompt.


It’s not really a crash but it’s new. The devs are looking into it.


After last patch game stops responding every time I close through UI.

Not a crash - but very annoying, and certainly not working as intended.