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[BUG] Killed as Possessor while jumping


What happened?

I was the Possessor, and I was trying to possess a player.
The jump worked (got the message saying I took control of their body, and that they were a Knight), but I died to my own attack as Possessor after that. I basically possessed myself as Possessor. There was a lag spike as the night ended, and I got feedback multiple times… that probably had something to do with it.
Additionally, I had used Facelift to disguise myself as a Hunter when I jumped, but after my death I showed up as Possessor anyway.
The Knight stayed alive on the player tab, but they were in the dead chat with me (similar to if they had been reaped).

What was SUPPOSED to happen?

I should have been able to jump to them without issue.

Steps to reproduce:

Possess someone during a lag spike.


Screenshot of the feedback


I mean if the knight was hh’ed (or by any means redirected to themselves) then you would have died.

If not, then the order of operations of what happened is wrong. But I would believe the first is what occurred.