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[Bug]Did not die after killing someone with knight guard the second time


What happened? I was knight, killed assassin night 1 with defend. Killed second assassin N2 with defend, I did not die even though I lost my “armoured” passive

What was SUPPOSED to happen? I should have died when I killed the second assassin

Steps to reproduce: I got conduited with someone N1, but defended someone else and got my first kill. I got my second kill while defending the person I was conduited with N2. Dunno if that had any impact but I rather add in case that had some effect due to weird glitch.

For some reason, I can only add 1 photo and not my output log so I will attempt to add a second screenshot of N2 in a reply to this post


they hanged me D4 since they did not believe I was knight, which is understandable


Yeah this seems interesting,if you still haven’t opened the game back after this game could you post logs? You can upload it to Dropbox and post the link here


[Find Your Logs to Report Bugs]
%userprofile%\appdata\LocalLow\Imperium42 Game Studio\Throne of Lies\output_log.txt


~/.config/unity3d/Imperium42 Game Studio/Throne of Lies/Player.log


I don’t think I started ToL after this game so this should be the good file


Thanks this will help