Buddhist Symbol of Peace vs Nazi Symbol of Hate


Just a quick culture tip ^ I’ve seen a few people trying to bait reactions with the Buddhist symbol (that existed before the Nazi symbol).

Although this is a symbol of peace, we know what you’re trying to do ;p pls don’t bait. At the same time, if you do see this and it’s not tilted, you’re technically being blessed now that you know what it means!


Technically it’s the Nazi symbol of “I’m a Nazi”

The hate is just a byproduct

Sure, I know what the Buddhistic meaning is but it doesn’t change the fact that “卍” is mostly used to express hate and race hostility. Maybe I’m being a little bit sensitive here since I am a German myself but I still think you should not be able to write it in-game since no one will ever use it with the intention of the Buddhist meaning.


The point of this post is to jokingly explain that posting this is not allowed, and will likely see you suspended/banned.

All of the “you’re actually blessed” stuff is a humorous way to try and make those who deal with swastika spam feel better about it.

yeah, sounds like another of the millions of ways people pick something out that they already know half the people are going to view it in an offensive way, but try and ignore it. Much like those who search for real world names that have the N word in them somewhere. It isn’t fooling anyone that the intent is to offend.

No one will ever? What about buddhists? If you prevent people from being able to use it it’s just another form of discrimination.

Let’s be real here pal, I’ve never seen a Buddhist using it. But I have seen people using it in a racist form. I think the Buddhist would know how their symbol is mostly used online, I think they would understand it if we banned their symbol since those using the symbol mostly do it to “harm” other people.

Calling it discrimination is a little bit far stretched in my opinion here. Do we discriminate the Nazis in Germany since the Swastika is banned in Germany? Are we discriminating the Islamic religion by forbidding forced marriage?

Maybe asking a Buddhist themselves for their opinion would be good here.

Here’s an easier thing… this is a game with a really limited time table. It isn’t the place or the time that a productive discussion involving… well really anything about your real world background fits. As many games as I’ve played I’ve never once had time for a productive discussion on who I am, where I’m from, what my belief or political prefrences are, my sexuality… heck from my randomness of skins and names, in game my real world gender wouldn’t even be known, and again I see absolutely no good reason any of those things would be discussed.

Any productive or positive conversation involving any of those things, would usually be expected to take a few minutes, something of which this game is usually too fast paced to allow.

The rational simple rule, is just no symbols of real world ideologies at all… there’s zero practical place for them, the game has it’s own fictional lore and groups which are certainly reasonable to refrence without bothering anyone.


Why should Buddhists be punished because some people are complete ignorant idiots? Just ban anyone who uses it wrong. Simple.


Can you even cite an example of it being used right? I’m more than certain at least 1/4th of the game’s community is christian most likely, yet none of them have been compelled to spam 🕆 🕆 🕆 🕆’s into the chat, and why would they, again it does nothing to help the social deduction in the game, and there isn’t time for much social chat.

Whenever I’ve seen a schwashtica used as a “Buddhist Symbol of Peace”, it’s not because the person expects anyone to interpret it in a positive way, but because the person explicitly is intentionally spamming until people start announcing they are upset and/or reporting him, then switch to the “why are you offended by a symbol of peace”.

No matter the religion or concept, no one is unfamiliar and unaware with what the symbol currently makes people think of, and can ANYONE seriously say that they honestly believe anyone who has ever spent any time in a western country would post any kind of schwashtica with any intent other than to see someone get offended (regardless of whether people should or shouldn’t be offended by it, does anyone actually believe that anyone would paste it in without the specific goal of seeing someone get upset by it).

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If we decide to let people off the hook just because they say “I’m a Buddhist I was just spreading peace” then literally everyone who uses it for racist purposes is gonna use that as an excuse

I think mods are smart enough to figure out the reason someone is using it.

(Spoiler: Buddhists and Hindus don’t randomly spam it everywhere - in fact, doing so would often be seen as offensive to them, since it’s mocking the symbol. Neo-nazis and trolls totally love spamming it everywhere. Therefore, if someone starts posting it in ToL or on the forums, they’re a Nazi or a troll. If you see it on someone’s Buddhist temple or on a huge-ass Buddhist statue, that’s fine.)



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It’s really simple. Ban anyone who uses it as a hate symbol.

Let’s make some assumptions about Buddhists who want to spread peace:

  1. They know about World War 2 and Nazis
  2. They’re nice people
  3. They realise that, when someone sees that symbol, they think of Nazis first rather than Buddhists
  4. They don’t want to be mistaken for Nazis

With these assumptions we can logically conclude that a Buddhist would not use the symbol, therefore the only people using it are using it as a hate symbol and we ban it completely


I appreciate the sentiment here but you know it’s not going to come over correctly over the internet.

Just report anyone who uses the symbol because they probably are being edgy and cool rather than ‘peace man!’.


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Oh, I agree – we still suspend those people because we know what they’re trying to do. However, I was mostly posting this for educational purposes.

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Maybe the community should come up with it’s own peace symbol. Not as a way to shut down Buddhists (Some live in my neighborhood and they are definitely the nicest people who live there. And everyone’s nice!), but as a way to prevent confusion between the two symbols and to still have a symbol of peace, even if it’s only in our community. I’m sorry if this counts as necrobumping, but I just wanted to offer a possible solution.

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Wats necrobumbing