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Bomb Swap should be replaced


Bomb Swap is about as useful as Dirty Work, actually less. Can we give Sorc something more interesting? I would support merging it with Walking Bomb, and by that I mean letting Sorc move bombs from one living target to another anytime she wants and as many times as she wants


I have used it in the past to move bombs of people who I discover to be neutral, so they could vote with me in the end.


That is literally the only thing I’ve seen it used for, but it usually backfires the times I’ve seen it


I find Dirty Work and Sacrifice to be less useful than Bomb Swap, but the former must exist to prevent certain situations. What do you suggest to swap it with?


With bomb


Perfect, do you want to use bomb 1 or bomb 2. :eyes:


what had my eyes just read


Makes me wanna commit die


Thats literally the only reason devs put it there so you just proved the point


Seriously tho people were complaining about how Sorc killed potential allies and could do nothing about it, we even suggested things pretty similar to how swap ended up as
They listened and it is served, doing its job. It is a niche ability that serves its proposit


Now if we gonna talk about useless things why is no one talking about the change to edit logbooks at trial
Why is this a thing again


I am suggesting to merge bomb swap with walking bomb, I know my title is inaccurate but I want Sorc to be able to swap bombs and place bombs with the same ability and have room for another day ability

So, when you click Walking Bomb if you click a number that already has a bomb placed on it, a second tab pops up (like for CW swap) that allows you to move that bomb to a different person.

But if you click Walking Bomb on a person who does NOT have a bomb on them already, you simply place a bomb.

And let Sorc do the swap thing an infinite number of times during the day.

This buffs Bomb Swap while making room for a new day ability


Until we have that other day ability there isn’t really much point


Yes but at least make bomb swap infinite uses during a single day and let it be used same day as walking bomb


Having both would be too much I think. I’d make bomb swap usable at the same time as walking bomb sure, but they should still be normal goddamn ability’s


Okay that would be cool too


Or make bomb swap a night ability. The problem with bomb swap is that you can’t plant and swap the same day, so most of the time it’s better to just plant a new bomb instead of wasting a day to save somebody.


that is the issue I have with it