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just thought i’d make this since im familiar with dozens and am on staff at board game club at my uni


here are all that im familiar with i think (as well as any existent expansions for the games below), there likely are more im not thinking of now. im always cool with new suggestions:
the resistance
7 wonders
7th continent
xcom the board game
blood on the clocktower
terraforming mars
race for the galaxy
roll for the galaxy
battlestar galactica board game
codenames, codenames duet, codenames pictures
great western trail
favor of the pharoah
spirit island
arkham horror
captain sonar
coup rebellion
through the ages
twilight imperium
power grid

Asking for Resistance for Christmas

How are these?

Also Root is a pretty damn fun new game

the third edition sucks, they removed the plot cards apparently
i’ll be getting editions 1 and 2 in the mail soon

Ooh good to know

Looks like they got moved to an expansion (The Plot Thickens)

Which I was also asking for so whatever I guess

oh maybe
i just wanted to try the older ones i guess

i think avalon is a better version of the resistance in basically every way though

especially if you have the expansions; i have an extra copy of the avalon expansions im not using that i could send you; they’re out of print so they’re p expensive

but yes, the resistance is vanilla mafia in a board game form. No deaths, no roles, just good vs bad

probably more vanilla than vanilla mafia

im in two board game groups at my uni, one is the official board game club that doesn’t like social deduction that much, the other is the marching band board game group, they like social deduction a lot more

my five favorites from that list are probably spirit island, battlestar galactica, caverna, terraforming mars, and xcom

i like co-op board games a good deal more than most i’d say

base the resistance is social deduction in the most barebones kind of way possible i’d say

which is good for improving FM deduction chops ig

a grad from my uni who usually comes to board game club meetings and is good friends with the president considers the resistance to be the worst board game of all time, but he hates social deduction so his take is not unbiased

@orangeandblack5 why are you thinking about the resistance more over avalon?

1: theme
2: expansions can turn it into Avalon but you can’t turn Avalon into everything Resistance has