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Blue's 3-Course GI (Canned due to slow)


Classes are being rolled. People can still join if they so wish but I’m gonna cap it at 10.


This time I would like it if I don’t get lynched with 0 votes.


No promises


i don’t think i can join since im not home yet…


Yes, it really does take this long to roll classes.



now gimme my class


Theres literally no class you can give me that can make me mad rn


Is true


Vanilla Cit?



Its cuz im always mad


I’ll have to.leave maybe not able to play the games


TIL 876 doesn’t exist.


What’s that supposed to mean?


Don’t question it,


Christ. I think I’m done rolling.


:clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:


Oh bloody 'ell mate I’m you but I’m the same size text.


Jesus Christ, I forgot this game existed for 30 minutes and it’s still rolling?!


Nah, this was a failed experiment.

Gonna have to make this eat can. I’ve gotta be up early tomorrow.

I’m sorry for failing.


Didn’t you roll it?